Tiger. Free cross stitch pattern


Pattern by Better Cross Stitch

Fabric: 14 count
Stitches: 300 x 230
Size: 54.43 cm x 41.73 cm
Colors: 40 DMC colors

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Download pattern files: part 1 (pdf, 6.9MB), part 2 (pdf, 6.9MB) and part 3 (pdf, 5.7MB)

Pattern created from the image “Textured Tiger” by Steve Wilson, used under Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 2.0).
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3 Responses to Tiger. Free cross stitch pattern

  1. Lovely page. Thank you very much for the free tiger pattern. I will thoroughly enjoy doing it.

    Thank you, Diane. x

  2. Thank you for the patterns! They are gorgeous!
    I don’t know why but my computer will not download any large patterns unless they are in parts. (Must be my computer but it sucks, lol). I really love the Autumn Park pattern.

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